Saturday, April 28, 2012

Clean Food Clean Water

The Southeast Massachusetts Geographic Network (SEMAGNET) hosts a Geography Fair at Bridgewater State University each autumn, and in recent years has designed a t-shirt related to the theme established by National Geographic for each year's event. Among the most popular of these shirts has been the 2010 shirt about the importance of Clean Water.

BSU geography professor Dr. Sandra Clark was sporting the shirt this week as a participant in the university's first Sustainability Chef Cook-off. (Congratulations to Sandy on her silver-medal finish for a scrumptious asparagus dish.) Leading the judges was Terry Walters, who is the author of Clean Food and Clean Start and champion of local, sustainable food.

Because she was so enthusiastic about the message of the shirt, we found one for her in the MGA vault. She proudly wore it the very next day at Urban Oaks Farm in New Britain, Connecticut. Thanks to Terry for support of sustainable food and geographic education.