Friday, January 1, 2016

Geography on Nightside

Monday Evening, January 11
9pm-10pm on AM1030 CBS Radio

Bridgewater State University geography professors James Hayes-Bohanan and Vernon Domingo will return to the airwaves with popular talk-radio host and geography enthusiast Dan Rea. This will be the fourth time in recent years that geography has been the focus of an hour-long discussion on Dan Rea's Nightside program.

The program is an opportunity to engage a call-in audience in a discussion of the importance of geographic education, whether it be to promote a better-informed citizenry or a better-prepared workforce.

We know that Dan and many of those who call in are very fond of maps, so despite the limitations of radio, we plan to bring in a few for discussion, and look forward to the calls from the program's vast and varied listening audience.

One example might be this early map of what came to be the International Dateline, which took quite a zig and zag around the Philippines.
Image: Atlas Obscura
The program is timely, as the Massachusetts Legislature considers -- for the third time -- an Act Relative to Geography Education that the MGA has been supporting for several years.

Geographers are especially encouraged to call during the Monday evening broadcast. If you are going to call, please dial early in the hour, as this hour goes by very quickly! The number is 617-254-1030.

Listen on 1030 AM in Massachusetts and throughout much of eastern North America, or listen live via WBZ streaming.

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